Biometrics Institute launches an educational initiative in South Africa

The Biometrics Institute is pleased to announce its first activity in the African region; the running of the popular and well supported “Introduction to Biometrics” Short-course. The course will be held in South ...

Silicon Trust introduces Innovation Council

The Silicon Trust, the international industry program for ID security, is delighted to introduce its 2017 Innovation Council. These distinguished experts will help define the core areas of product innovation ...

Data capture when you want and where you want it

By Chimezie Emewulu, Seamfix The need to collect and store data may differ from industry to industry; whether you’re looking to register people, do a Biometric time and attendance for ...


Blurry Box – a new encryption method for software protection from Wibu-Systems

By Wibu-Systems Auguste Kerckhoffs postulated his eponymous principle back in the 19th ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Citizen Identity Management

The latest Silicon Trust partners, De La Rue, have developed an infographic ...

Aadhaar-based digital ID customer registration: a new era

By Safran Identity and Security Following the Indian government’s decision to require ...

Articles & Editorials

Linking the IoT and the developing world

By Richard Eyo, Department of Mathematics and Information Security Royal Holloway, University of London The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. Therefore, the major focus of this article is to bridge the gap between IoT and the developing world. One of the motivating factors is that most IoT devices have become vulnerable to […]

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New IoT technology and a solid chain of trust

By and with Andreas Philipp, PrimeKey How do we realize the benefits of a totally connected world? The paradigm of the IoT focused IT industry is that in the future, everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. We are only at the beginning of this transformation but even so, Gartner says that […]

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VIRTUAL TOKEN – A smart card alternative that makes sense?

By Klaus Schmeh, cryptovision Why use a smart card, if a secret key can also be stored in a virtual token, i.e. a protected hardware module built into a PC or smart phone? The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) are two technologies that can be used to build solutions following […]

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Face recognition for automated border control at Venice airport

By Elke Oberg, Cognitec Systems. Cognitec’s automated passport control product FaceVACS- Entry features in eight ABC gates (eGates) at Venice Marco Polo Airport, following the airport’s decision to facilitate expedited border control checks at the international terminal. The eGate implementation project was delivered by N-Aitec, an airport IT provider and system integrator. As the traveler […]

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Bridging the gap between physical and mobile credentials

By Steve Warne, HID Global. In a world where many of our daily tasks and authentication needs are migrating to mobile applications, the number of physical ID cards distributed by governments continues to grow, despite the emergence of new convenient mobile identity solutions. So why are ID documents still predominantly physical cards? Will this change […]

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Next generation ID solutions for healthy and stable societies

An interview with Ulrich Walter, De La Rue.  Silicon Trust is delighted to welcome UK-based ID solution provider De La Rue as a new member. With over 3,500 employees and 10 manufacturing sites globally, De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer of passports. Established over 200 years ago, the company has been driving […]

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At the airport: The future of checkpoint delta

By Sanjay Dharwadker – WCC Smart Search & Match. Shrouded in the mysteries of Cold War espionage stories, Checkpoint Charlie has captured our imaginations as the ultimate border crossing for over half a century now. When the Berlin Wall finally came down, it had 14 checkpoints known by the names of their respective neighborhoods. But […]

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A new encryption paradigm for a new industrial age

By Daniela Previtali, Wibu-Systems. Long before encryption became a commonplace feature of even consumer computers, while computers were still mechanical contraptions and encryption the domain of military cipher clerks, Auguste Kerckhoffs published two articles on the subject in the “Journal des sciences militaires” in 1883. He proposed several principles, one of which remains fundamental for […]

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HID Global acquires Arjo Systems to expand its Government ID business

HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that it has acquired Arjo Systems SAS, a provider of physical and digital identity solutions for secure government ID applications. Arjo Systems gives HID Global broader capabilities to deploy electronic identification (eID) and ePassport solutions for government programs. “Our acquisition of Arjo Systems significantly […]

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IDEX launches fingerprint sensor for contactless cards

IDEX has launched a low power fingerprint sensor ready to be used in contactless cards operating with standard NFC terminals. The company says that the sensor’s power management supports biometric card operation without a battery. The sensor is also specifically designed for standard mass production processes. “The launch of our new low power sensor enables […]

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OT-Morpho introduces the world’s first complete range of biometric payment cards

OT-Morpho, working in the digital security and identification technology market, have announced the creation of the market’s first complete range of biometric payment cards, a range which reinforces payment security. It can also help governments distribute social benefits, knowing that they reach no one else than the eligible (proof of life) citizen. Banks can also […]

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Precise Biometrics divests its Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area to IDENTOS

Precise Biometrics has concluded an agreement with German IDENTOS GmbH on the takeover of the Mobile Smart Card Solutions business area, which includes the business operation involving smart card readers under the Tactivo™ brand. This entails Precise Biometrics further increasing its focus on the Fingerprint Technology business area and freeing up resources for the development […]

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