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Annual Silicon Trust Partner gathering in London for SDW 2016

Not only was SDW celebrating its 10th edition this year – the Silicon Trust Program also took the opportunity to bring together its partners for a memorable and entertaining night of networking and knowledge exchange.  Networking and the exchange of ideas and knowledge is an integral part of the Silicon Trust Program, which offers an […]

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Making hybrid cards secure and durable

By Ivo Moons, Agfa Materials.  The passage of time has an impact on all life and objects. People will grow older; objects will erode and wear out. Personal cards are not exempt from this fact. The cards you produce will withstand the effect of time and usage. Small accidents will happen, the carrier of the […]

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pal secure

PROTECTING identities, accounts and sensitive DOCUMENTS

Fujitsu is combining its innovative biometric authentication technology, FUJITSU PalmSecure, with OpenLimit’s truedentity solution to protect identity and sensitive data during virtual or physical transactions such as online payment. The design of FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity is based on a new electronic identity card (eID) technology. It meets even the stringent security guidelines such as those […]

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OVD Kinegram: Integration by Design

By John A. Peters, OVD Kinegram AG.  This article discusses new document design possibilities using technological advances in diffractive optically variable devices, laser personalization and antenna manufacturing. These key security features of government documents can be designed simultaneously to create an integrated functionality, which enhances visual recognition and counterfeit detection. During the document design process […]

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Austria Card

Austria Card; “GOVERNMENTS should strive for the BEST-IN-CLASS”

An interview with Konstantinos Lagios, Chief Commercial Officer at Austria Card. We met with Konstantinos Lagios from Austria Card, a leading European smart card expert. He tells us why the quality of the card body is gaining importance in spite of surging electronic components, what governments can do to get the most secure ID-solution, and […]

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By Sanjay Dharwadker, WCC Smart Search & Match  The griot of West African tradition is a living archive; an oral historian and troubadour who has the births and deaths of generations memorized. Even today we can still witness the ritual of reciting the names of generations of ancestors. And yet, Africa has abysmal birth registration […]

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