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Ukraine to Introduce European Standard of Biometric ID

A bill concerning the introduction of biometric IDs in Ukraine passed the first reading in the country’s parliament. Biometric documents will contribute to border security between Ukraine and the EU. The draft law provides for the creation of a unified state demographic register, which will contain basic personal information on each citizen. Additionally, the draft […]

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BSI Grants G&D Security Certificate for Contactless Signature Cards

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is enhancing its credentials as a technology leader for security-certified signature card solutions. The German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) has granted STARCOS 3.5, G&D’s new smartcard-based operating system, a security certificate for EU-compliant contactless signature cards on the basis of the PACE (Password Authenticated Connection Establishment) protocol. […]

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VIDEO: Multiapplication schemes – trend or implementation night-mare?

Using ones electronic identification to use different eGovernment and eBusiness services is very appealing from a citizen’s perspective. Implementing these so-called multiapplication schemes is quite a challenge. asked experts from the ID security industry what their take is on the importance of these schemes – an absolute trend or too complicated to implement?

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VIDEO: Infineon on the role of security in corporate strategy

Dr. Stefan Hofschen, Head of the Chip Card & Security Business Unit at Infineon Technologies explains the role of security in the overall strategy of Infineon Technologies and how Infineon manages to maintain the leading position in the chip card market. Future areas, such as securing the grids and infrastructure as well as securing the […]

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Identive to Acquire Majority Stake in Payment Solution AG

Identive Group, Inc. today announced that it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in payment solution AG, a German-based provider of integrated cashless payment solutions for sports stadiums, arenas, theme parks and other venues for leisure and entertainment throughout Europe. Payment Solution’s systems enable consumers at sporting and similar events to make quick, cashless […]

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Identive launches new converged access ID group

Identive Group, Inc., a provider of products, services and solutions for the identification, security and RFID industries, have announced that it has formed a new product group focused on addressing the growing need for standards-based, integrated access control from the door to the network. The new Converged Access group aims to build on innovative technology […]

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From SCM to Identive with a lot of NFC

Earlier this month at Cartes 2011 we were lucky enough to speak to Dr. Manfred Müller , Executive Vice President of the Identive Group, Inc. who spoke to us about the groups exciting activities in the NFC arena and shared the news relating to the corporate brand of the Identive Group expanding to cover companies […]

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Reducing risks for government ID security chips

By Dr. Peter Laackmann and Marcus Janke, Infineon Technologies It is well known that monoculture, used in forestry or crop plantings for greater yields, may lead to a dramatically increased susceptibility for pathogens and diseases. Today, a similar insight is also growing in the security chip industry, where technological monocultures were introduced mainly due to […]

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